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MnG: Quinn by ShimminyCricket MnG: Quinn by ShimminyCricket
★Name: Copeland, Quinn

★Age: 18

★Height: 6' 4"

★Weight: 165 lbs.

★Year: Senior

★Level : Expert


:bulletblue: Green tea cakes
:bulletblue: Moving
:bulletblue: Little things...little animals...little people (Shhh! Don't tell anyone !)
:bulletblue: Cuddling (He's the cuddly type...)
:bulletblue: Dressing up nicely

:bulletred: Cars (Due to...past experiences
:bulletred: Large amounts of Blood
:bulletred: Fighting in public
:bulletred: Being asked personal questions
:bulletred: Driving (He'll walk everywhere if he has to)
:bulletred: Parental/Authoritative figures
:bulletred: Being controlled

★Personality: Used to being thought of as intimidating, Quinn is anything but. He's a friendly giant that can't bring himself to get angry at anything. Far too forgiving , he can never hold a grudge, and if he ever does, Quinn mulls over it till his head aches and he forgets it with a few winks of sleep.
Due to his past experiences with his own parents, Quinn finds it difficult to confront anyone he thinks holds any authority, or at least resembles a parent. He subconsciously avoids them or ignores them completely if they attempt talking to him, though it's something he doesn't know he's doing.
Still a very animated and excitable person, he wants to be everywhere and do everything, meet everyone; he just wants to be a someone. This puts him a bit on the irresponsible side, though he never realizes the consequences of his actions. He's also an idiot .

★History: Quinn is 100% American grown beef, having been born and raised there. He lived in the midwest for his entire life, which is the reason for his intense tan (his hair was also very light from the sun exposure all the time). Quinn's mother was the accepting, ideal mother-type, though she never intervened with the decisions his father made. He was the typical macho father figure, pushing Quinn to become active in most any sport, though his harsh, abrasive personality was what pushed Quinn to his limits. Being an only child, Quinn held the weight of all his father's hopes for him.

Quinn was a member of nearly every sport that was available to him; he had his start in baseball, joined soccer, had a good stint in football, but he was much more passionate about one sport in particular: boxing. (That's right he wasn't a swimmer SHOCKING *legasp*) It made him feel in control, as if what he did in the ring was all him; he decided the victory, not his teammates or his father. Entering highschool, Quinn began his path to become a recognized boxer. Within a year, he was his school's champion, and was looking forward to becoming a state champion. That was until he got into the accident that ended his boxing dreams.

Juggling schoolwork and a myriad of sports and activities, Quinn's health began to waver. As his father pushed him even further to do his best, the pressure began to pile on him. It was bearable for him at first, but at the same time, Quinn was focused on losing weight to stay within his weight class. This led to extreme dieting, and that led to a near-unconscious Quinn behind the wheel.

On his way home alone after some late-night practice at a friend's, Quinn was behind the wheel and losing focus. Fatigue was eating at him and his attention span, and before he knew it, Quinn found himself crushed by the roof of his car as another driver crashed into him. He only woke up later in a hospital with the muscles in his arm severely damaged.

This devastated him and his family, and with all prospects of a life in sports gone, Quinn could only watch as his father treated him differently; treating him as nothing but a cripple. He felt a mix of despair and anger, but couldn't see anyway of making his dad proud of him again besides sports. At this point, the muscles in his right arm were so damaged, that added with the trauma of the accident, he was only able to barely move it. Even with rehabilitation and time, it would never be up to speed with his boxing dream. Quinn couldn't bring himself to admit it, but still worked hard to somehow repair the muscle.

Taking a year off from school, Quinn began training intensely as soon as he was admitted out of the hospital. In this time, Quinn started swimming. The intensity helped rebuild his muscles without straining them, while his strength from his previous time as a boxer proved ideal for speed. He went back to competing at events, though this time for swimming, distracting himself from his father who still ignored him. With his name now out there, Quinn was determined to regain himself.

Thinking it best to continue his personal-rehab, Quinn decided to enroll in a specialized swimming-school overseas to complete his education; and since the grades were different from the standard American grades, it proved ideal for his "time spent away".

★Additional Info:
- His Japanese is still shitty, so don't expect much :iconmingplz:
- Pansexual: "Love is love, baby, don't matter what's down there~" :heart: - Quinn
- His scar (the one visible on the app) extends to his back
- He's earned his crooked nose from one of his fights back as a boxer
- Quinn has a slight Southern drawl when he speaks
- That piercing was a stupid mistake that was worth keeping to him
- Ex-Blonde, he dyed his hair recently
- Has fooled around with girls, but hasn't ever felt the need to be "tied down"
- Specializes in breaststroke because he has a lot of arm power
- Nickname used to be "Meatball" since he was a heavyweight, but lost a ton of weight after his time in the hospital
- Putting him in a car sends him into a panic attack
- Will add more as I think of them...
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