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U-N-L-O-C-K: Yamamoto Yuudai by ShimminyCricket U-N-L-O-C-K: Yamamoto Yuudai by ShimminyCricket
:iconomg-blushplz: GAVE THIS LOSER A HAIRCUT AND NEW THREADS COMEBEFRIENDS WITH HIMAND LET'S RP YEAH? I rp mainly on skype / notes so feel free to poke me if ya wanna rp :iconjunesplz: </s>

Yamamoto, Yuudai

Yuupai | Yuu | 17 | Male | 6" 2' | 179 lbs. | 3rd Year | Japanese

Roommate :
    Corea Juon

Club :

Personality :  
     Quiet and reserved, Yuu is infamous for his constant glaring. No matter what's happening, his face looks like it refuses to looks happy period. It's because of this scowl that most people think he's just as mean of a guy as he looks, when in reality he's quite terrified of actually talking to people. He doesn't keep to himself cause he hates everyone, but because he wants to talk with them and gets scared easily. It takes awhile for him to get used to someone enough for him to speak casually with them, but even then, he's still a bit reserved.
   Yuu also has a habit of keeping his hair blocking his eyes so no one can see them, especially in those confrontational encounters. He'll either blush red enough to burst or turn away quickly. It's his eyes he never wants anyone to look into.
   Yuu isn't necessarily shy, just socially impaired. He doesn't know when to laugh at a joke or comfort someone when they're sad. He tries his best to make conversation and engage with others, but he's thick-headed and slow to pick up on things.

Likes / Dislikes :
+Pretty things
+Clothes (shhh, this one's a secret)
+Long naps on rainy days

-Being Alone (He usually ends up alone anyway
-Being talked to directly
-Getting looked in the eyes
-People leaving and things changing
-Seeing people feel bad about themselves (It makes him want to make them happy)

Biography :
Born into wealth, both of Yuu's parents were affluent in the beauty world, with his mother a make up artist and his father a famous hair stylist.. They had married during the beginnings of their career and had Yuu in the whirlwind of it. As a result of this, Yuu grew up surrounded by what was and wasn't fashionable, and people wanting to be beautiful. It was an exciting world for him not because of the glamor, but because seeing people happy about their appearance somehow made him happy too, but that would soon change.
    Because he had a tutor during his time with his parents, Yuu had been able to avoid socializing with others his age and attending school up until his middle school years. He never had any experience with kids that would actually judge him. Yuu's first days at school were miserable, and made him never want to go back. This wasn't because he was being bullied, but because he was always alone. No one would talk to him because to them, he was only that one rich kid who was babied by his mom and dad. He soon developed a playground bully reputation, scaring away anyone that tried to get close to him.
    The only days he was happy were the ones he could spend at the salon, where he liked to play the part of his parents' assistant, enjoying the process of making someone feel beautiful. Despite his love for styling things, Yuu hid his hobby away from his classmates, for fear of them mocking him for it.
    His parents were once again concerned for him, noticing that he never had any friends over from school. They began looking into ways to help, but heard from an acquaintance of an island boarding school that was perfect for anyone's kid. After some paper work and a boat ride over, Yuu found himself at the gates of Seiyo; he was terrified of meeting anyone knew and had half a mind to swim back to Japan. Despite this, he put on his least scowl-y face and entered, hoping that he'd be able to start fresh.

Quote :
 -"Shut up, it's not pink."
-"Still not pink."
-"Light red."

Relationships :

Extra :
-People watcher
-Always has a sewing kit in his bag and some small thing he's working on
-Half blind because of his hair
-Takes out most of his stress through exercise
-Hides his egg because, well, pink


Guardian Character : Flynn

Gender :

Would be self:
Fairy GodBrother

Personality :
Always bright and chipper Flynn is the little helper fairy that surprises most people when they meet him. Compared to Yuudai, he's always smiling and happy to start a conversation. He wants to do whatever he can to help others, and do his best to make everyone feel better about themselves. Flynn's best qualities are what Yuudai lacks: the ability to open up to people and not come off as a big grumpy scowly face. Though he does have a habit of going too much out of his way to help others, and ultimately making situations worse occasionally, it's always from good intentions.  

Likes / Dislikes :
 + Making people happy
+ Flying everywhere
+ Being right
+ Bright colors

- Clashing colors
- People that feel bad about themselves
- Other Guardian Characters (He gets jealous)
- Yuupai's expression (Thinks it's scary)

Quote :
"Bibbidi - Bobbidi - Boo!"
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